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Definition of Skirt


  1. The lower and loose part of a coat, dress, or other like garment; the part below the waist; as, the skirt of a coat, a dress, or a mantle.
  2. A loose edging to any part of a dress.
  3. Border; edge; margin; extreme part of anything
  4. A petticoat.
  5. The diaphragm, or midriff, in animals.
  6. To cover with a skirt; to surround.
  7. To border; to form the border or edge of; to run along the edge of; as, the plain was skirted by rows of trees.
  8. To be on the border; to live near the border, or extremity.
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Skirt Translations

skirt in Afrikaans is rok, romp
skirt in Danish is nederdel
skirt in Dutch is rok, vrouwenrok
skirt in Finnish is hame
skirt in French is jupe
skirt in German is Rock, herumgehen
skirt in Italian is gonna
skirt in Portuguese is saia
skirt in Spanish is falda