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Definition of Skinned


  1. of Skin

Skinned Quotations

If anyone has seen the horrific and unwatchable footage of the Chinese cat and dog trade - animals skinned alive - then they could not possibly argue in favour of China as a caring nation. There are no animal protection laws in China and this results in the worst animal abuse and cruelty on the planet. It is indefensible.
Steven Patrick Morrissey

But for real, for me, I feel like with the red lipstick thing it all depends on the pair of complexion. I'm just being for real. You have to be fair skinned to get away with that.
ASAP Rocky

That was the era when we might have destroyed Russia completely and not even skinned our elbows doing it.
Curtis LeMay

You may get skinned knees and elbows, but it's worth it if you score a spectacular goal.
Mia Hamm

Failures are like skinned knees, painful but superficial.
Ross Perot
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