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Definition of Sketching


  1. of Sketch

Sketching Quotations

Few people know that I am also an artist; I truly enjoy sketching and drawing.
Sonakshi Sinha

I've been designing since I was 8. I started sketching dresses I could wear when skating. I was always involved in all aspects of skating, not just the technique, the choreography, the music, but the visual aspects, too - what I should wear.
Vera Wang

I became interested in photography when I found my own sketching was inadequate.
Ben Shahn

Drawing is the only thing I've found in which I can lose myself completely. I love it. It started as something that relaxed me, but now it's a struggle because I'm pushing myself. The day-to-day sketching is fraught.
Peter Capaldi

For me, the sketching of dresses was about fantasy and dreams. In my little room at home, I felt that I was somewhere else. In Paris, for instance.
Alber Elbaz
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Sketching Translations

sketching in German is skizzend
sketching in Spanish is esbozo
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