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Definition of Sitting


  1. of Sit
  2. Being in the state, or the position, of one who, or that which, sits.
  3. The state or act of one who sits; the posture of one who occupies a seat.
  4. A seat, or the space occupied by or allotted for a person, in a church, theater, etc.; as, the hall has 800 sittings.
  5. The act or time of sitting, as to a portrait painter, photographer, etc.
  6. The actual presence or meeting of any body of men in their seats, clothed with authority to transact business; a session; as, a sitting of the judges of the King's Bench, or of a commission.
  7. The time during which one sits while doing something, as reading a book, playing a game, etc.
  8. A brooding over eggs for hatching, as by fowls.
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Sitting Translations

sitting in German is sitzend, sitzend, setzend
sitting in Italian is seduto
sitting in Spanish is sentada
sitting in Swedish is sitter