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Definition of Sitter


  1. One who sits; esp., one who sits for a portrait or a bust.
  2. A bird that sits or incubates.

Sitter Quotations

Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.
Oscar Wilde

It'd be stupid for me to sit here and say that there aren't kids who look up to me, but my responsibility is not to them. I'm not a baby sitter.

My job requires me to put on a little dress and run around the streets of New York in heels. But I also had the financial means to hire a yoga teacher to come to my house while my sitter watched the newborn. For 95 percent of the world, that's not realistic.
Sarah Jessica Parker

The first thing I do is take Polaroids of the sitter - 10 or 12 color Polaroids and eight or 10 black-and whites.
Chuck Close

I've been criticised for pretty, smiley photographs, but at least someone is happy! In my mind, I am always giving the image to the sitter.
Mario Testino
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Sitter Translations

sitter in German is Sitzende

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