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Definition of Single


  1. One only, as distinguished from more than one; consisting of one alone; individual; separate; as, a single star.
  2. Alone; having no companion.
  3. Hence, unmarried; as, a single man or woman.
  4. Not doubled, twisted together, or combined with others; as, a single thread; a single strand of a rope.
  5. Performed by one person, or one on each side; as, a single combat.
  6. Uncompounded; pure; unmixed.
  7. Not deceitful or artful; honest; sincere.
  8. Simple; not wise; weak; silly.
  9. To select, as an individual person or thing, from among a number; to choose out from others; to separate.
  10. To sequester; to withdraw; to retire.
  11. To take alone, or one by one.
  12. To take the irrregular gait called single-foot;- said of a horse. See Single-foot.
  13. A unit; one; as, to score a single.
  14. The reeled filaments of silk, twisted without doubling to give them firmness.
  15. A handful of gleaned grain.
  16. A game with but one player on each side; -- usually in the plural.
  17. A hit by a batter which enables him to reach first base only.
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Single Translations

single in Afrikaans is ongetroud
single in Dutch is ongehuwd, ongetrouwd
single in German is einzeln/ledig, Einzel.., Alleinstehend
single in Italian is nubile, singolo
single in Latin is singulus, singuli
single in Swedish is enda, enkel, ogift