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Definition of Simpler


  1. One who collects simples, or medicinal plants; a herbalist; a simplist.

Simpler Quotations

The American Dream is a term that is often used but also often misunderstood. It isn't really about becoming rich or famous. It is about things much simpler and more fundamental than that.
Marco Rubio

Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings - always darker, emptier and simpler.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
Albert Einstein

Individually, people are finding that a simpler lifestyle provides greater satisfaction than relentless pursuit of materialism.
Laurance Rockefeller

An expert is someone who has succeeded in making decisions and judgements simpler through knowing what to pay attention to and what to ignore.
Edward de Bono
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Simpler Translations

simpler in German is einfacher
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