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Definition of Silence


  1. The state of being silent; entire absence of sound or noise; absolute stillness.
  2. Forbearance from, or absence of, speech; taciturnity; muteness.
  3. Secrecy; as, these things were transacted in silence.
  4. The cessation of rage, agitation, or tumilt; calmness; quiest; as, the elements were reduced to silence.
  5. Absence of mention; oblivion.
  6. Be silent; -- used elliptically for let there be silence, or keep silence.
  7. To compel to silence; to cause to be still; to still; to hush.
  8. To put to rest; to quiet.
  9. To restrain from the exercise of any function, privilege of instruction, or the like, especially from the act of preaching; as, to silence a minister of the gospel.
  10. To cause to cease firing, as by a vigorous cannonade; as, to silence the batteries of an enemy.
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Silence Translations

silence in Dutch is kalmte, rust, rustigheid, stilte
silence in Italian is calma, tacere, ristoro
silence in Latin is silentium
silence in Spanish is sosiego, acallar, silencio
silence in Swedish is tystnad, stillhet, tysthet