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Definition of Signification


  1. The act of signifying; a making known by signs or other means.
  2. That which is signified or made known; that meaning which a sign, character, or token is intended to convey; as, the signification of words.

Signification Quotations

Even if you don't like colours, you will end up having something red. For everyone who doesn't like colour, red is a symbol of a lot of culture. It has a different signification but never a bad one.
Christian Louboutin

Language operates between literal and metaphorical signification.
Robert Smithson

Many things there be in the scripture, which have a carnal fulfilling, even there where they be spoken or done; and yet have another spiritual signification, to be fulfilled long after in Christ and his kingdom, and yet never known till the thing be done.
William Tyndale

As he is one, so we call Him God, the Deity, the Divine Nature, and other names of the same signification.
John Hales

I try to respect the rules of the silent movies and I tried to make signification to make sense, and also the crew were very good and the fact that we shot in LA in the real Hollywood, studios and houses. We shot in the bed of Mary Pickford, and you cannot be any more accurate than that, so that helped a lot.
Michel Hazanavicius
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Signification Translations

signification in German is Sinn
signification in Italian is accezione, levatura
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