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Definition of Sieve


  1. A utensil for separating the finer and coarser parts of a pulverized or granulated substance from each other. It consist of a vessel, usually shallow, with the bottom perforated, or made of hair, wire, or the like, woven in meshes.
  2. A kind of coarse basket.

Sieve Quotations

The wise ones fashioned speech with their thought, sifting it as grain is sifted through a sieve.

They consider me to have sharp and penetrating vision because I see them through the mesh of a sieve.
Khalil Gibran

His answer trickled through my head like water through a sieve.
Lewis Carroll

The world is full of abundance and opportunity, but far too many people come to the fountain of life with a sieve instead of a tank car... a teaspoon instead of a steam shovel. They expect little and as a result they get little.
Ben Sweetland

Trouble is a sieve through which we sift our acquaintances. Those too big to pass through are our friends.
Arlene Francis
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Sieve Translations

sieve in Dutch is zeef
sieve in French is tamis, passoire
sieve in German is Sieb, durchsieben, Sieb, sieben
sieve in Italian is cola
sieve in Latin is cribrum
sieve in Spanish is colador, cedazo