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Definition of Siege


  1. A seat; especially, a royal seat; a throne.
  2. Hence, place or situation; seat.
  3. Rank; grade; station; estimation.
  4. Passage of excrements; stool; fecal matter.
  5. The sitting of an army around or before a fortified place for the purpose of compelling the garrison to surrender; the surrounding or investing of a place by an army, and approaching it by passages and advanced works, which cover the besiegers from the enemy's fire. See the Note under Blockade.
  6. Hence, a continued attempt to gain possession.
  7. The floor of a glass-furnace.
  8. A workman's bench.
  9. To besiege; to beset.

Siege Quotations

Stories of all lengths and depths come from different parts of the cave. For a novel, you must lay in mental, physical and spiritual provision as for a siege or for a time of hectic explosions, while a short story is, or can be, a steady, timed flame like the lighting of a blow lamp on a building site full of dry tinder.
Jane Gardam

One likes people much better when they're battered down by a prodigious siege of misfortune than when they triumph.
Virginia Woolf

Sarajevo was this beautiful city, very cosmopolitan, multiethnic, full of wonderful people, artists and writers and poets and Serbs and Muslims and Croats, and living side by side. And then this medieval siege, and it was a medieval siege, came, and the Bosnian Serbs were on the hills lobbing in rockets and grenades and mortars.
Janine di Giovanni

What made al Qaeda retrieve the doctrine of militant jihad, and Breivik the ideas of crusade and reconquest, is a sense of siege. So, we should help both Westerners and Muslims get rid of that sense by easing their political tensions and by fostering dialogue between them.
Mustafa Akyol

To be under occupation, to be under siege, is not a good inspiration for poetry.
Mahmoud Darwish
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Siege Translations

siege in Dutch is belegering, beleg
siege in German is belagern, Belagerung
siege in Hungarian is ostrom
siege in Italian is assedio
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