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Definition of Shorten


  1. To make short or shorter in measure, extent, or time; as, to shorten distance; to shorten a road; to shorten days of calamity.
  2. To reduce or diminish in amount, quantity, or extent; to lessen; to abridge; to curtail; to contract; as, to shorten work, an allowance of food, etc.
  3. To make deficient (as to); to deprive; -- with of.
  4. To make short or friable, as pastry, with butter, lard, pot liquor, or the like.
  5. To become short or shorter; as, the day shortens in northern latitudes from June to December; a metallic rod shortens by cold.
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Shorten Translations

shorten in Dutch is afkorten, bekorten, inkorten
shorten in Italian is abbreviare
shorten in Portuguese is encurte
shorten in Spanish is abreviar