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Definition of Shoal


  1. A great multitude assembled; a crowd; a throng; -- said especially of fish; as, a shoal of bass.
  2. To assemble in a multitude; to throng; as, the fishes shoaled about the place.
  3. Having little depth; shallow; as, shoal water.
  4. A place where the water of a sea, lake, river, pond, etc., is shallow; a shallow.
  5. A sandbank or bar which makes the water shoal.
  6. To become shallow; as, the color of the water shows where it shoals.
  7. To cause to become more shallow; to come to a more shallow part of; as, a ship shoals her water by advancing into that which is less deep.

Shoal Translations

shoal in German is Schar, Untiefe
shoal in Swedish is fiskstim, sandrev