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Definition of Shave


  1. obs. p. p. of Shave.
  2. To cut or pare off from the surface of a body with a razor or other edged instrument; to cut off closely, as with a razor; as, to shave the beard.
  3. To make bare or smooth by cutting off closely the surface, or surface covering, of; especially, to remove the hair from with a razor or other sharp instrument; to take off the beard or hair of; as, to shave the face or the crown of the head; he shaved himself.
  4. To cut off thin slices from; to cut in thin slices.
  5. To skim along or near the surface of; to pass close to, or touch lightly, in passing.
  6. To strip; to plunder; to fleece.
  7. To use a razor for removing the beard; to cut closely; hence, to be hard and severe in a bargain; to practice extortion; to cheat.
  8. A thin slice; a shaving.
  9. A cutting of the beard; the operation of shaving.
  10. An exorbitant discount on a note.
  11. A premium paid for an extension of the time of delivery or payment, or for the right to vary a stock contract in any particular.
  12. A hand tool consisting of a sharp blade with a handle at each end; a drawing knife; a spokeshave.
  13. The act of passing very near to, so as almost to graze; as, the bullet missed by a close shave.
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Shave Translations

shave in Afrikaans is skeer
shave in Dutch is afscheren
shave in French is rasent, raser, barbifier, rasez, rasons
shave in German is rasieren, rasiere, Rasieren
shave in Latin is lift tondeo totonsi tonsum
shave in Norwegian is barbere
shave in Spanish is afeitar, afeitado
shave in Swedish is raka