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Definition of Shatter


  1. To break at once into many pieces; to dash, burst, or part violently into fragments; to rend into splinters; as, an explosion shatters a rock or a bomb; too much steam shatters a boiler; an oak is shattered by lightning.
  2. To disorder; to derange; to render unsound; as, to be shattered in intellect; his constitution was shattered; his hopes were shattered.
  3. To scatter about.
  4. To be broken into fragments; to fall or crumble to pieces by any force applied.
  5. A fragment of anything shattered; -- used chiefly or soley in the phrase into shatters; as, to break a glass into shatters.
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Shatter Translations

shatter in Danish is knuse
shatter in Dutch is intrappen, vermorzelen, verbrijzelen
shatter in Finnish is murskata
shatter in French is briser, fracassons, fracassent, fracassez
shatter in Latin is rumpo, frango
shatter in Portuguese is fragmento
shatter in Swedish is splittra, splittras