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Definition of Shark


  1. Any one of numerous species of elasmobranch fishes of the order Plagiostomi, found in all seas.
  2. A rapacious, artful person; a sharper.
  3. Trickery; fraud; petty rapine; as, to live upon the shark.
  4. To pick or gather indiscriminately or covertly.
  5. To play the petty thief; to practice fraud or trickery; to swindle.
  6. To live by shifts and stratagems.
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Shark Translations

shark in Afrikaans is haai
shark in Danish is haj
shark in Dutch is haai
shark in Finnish is hai
shark in French is requin
shark in German is Hai
shark in Italian is pescecane
shark in Norwegian is hai
shark in Swedish is haj