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Definition of Shading


  1. of Shade
  2. Act or process of making a shade.
  3. That filling up which represents the effect of more or less darkness, expressing rotundity, projection, etc., in a picture or a drawing.

Shading Quotations

Many are they who have a taste and love for drawing, but no talent; and this will be discernible in boys who are not diligent and never finish their drawings with shading.
Leonardo da Vinci

Government is either organized benevolence or organized madness; its peculiar magnitude permits no shading.
John Updike

Shading is more like copying. And certainly I do copy, but I'm making drawings, and I'm not trying to make them with the shading.
Ellsworth Kelly

By shading off, as I have done, the portion of the area of the diagram according to the individual age, every one may see how much of life is consumed, and what is left.
Warren De la Rue

It doesn't use shading, but it does use stroke length variations.
John Robert Gregg
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Shading Translations

shading in Swedish is schattering
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