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Definition of Sew


  1. Juice; gravy; a seasoned dish; a delicacy.
  2. To follow; to pursue; to sue.
  3. To unite or fasten together by stitches, as with a needle and thread.
  4. To close or stop by ssewing; -- often with up; as, to sew up a rip.
  5. To inclose by sewing; -- sometimes with up; as, to sew money in a bag.
  6. To practice sewing; to work with needle and thread.
  7. To drain, as a pond, for taking the fish.

Sew Quotations

Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads, which sew people together through the years.
Simone Signoret

You can be fat and love yourself. You can be fat and have a great damn personality. You can be fat and sew your own clothes. But you can't be fat and healthy.
Susan Powter

When I was a little girl you used to learn to sew all the holes in things, darning socks, but nobody mends things anymore.
Vivienne Westwood

A lady is smarter than a gentleman, maybe, she can sew a fine seam, she can have a baby, she can use her intuition instead of her brain, but she can't fold a paper in a crowded train.
Phyllis McGinley

My mom taught me how to sew when I was 2 or 3, so I've been sewing for as long as I can remember.
Serena Williams
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Sew Translations

sew in Afrikaans is naaldwerk doen
sew in Danish is sy
sew in Dutch is aanzetten, aannaaien, vastnaaien
sew in French is cousez, cousons, couds, coudre, cousent
sew in Italian is cucire
sew in Norwegian is sy
sew in Spanish is coser
sew in Swedish is sy

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