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Definition of Serpent


  1. Any reptile of the order Ophidia; a snake, especially a large snake. See Illust. under Ophidia.
  2. Fig.: A subtle, treacherous, malicious person.
  3. A species of firework having a serpentine motion as it passess through the air or along the ground.
  4. The constellation Serpens.
  5. A bass wind instrument, of a loud and coarse tone, formerly much used in military bands, and sometimes introduced into the orchestra; -- so called from its form.
  6. To wind like a serpent; to crook about; to meander.
  7. To wind; to encircle.

Serpent Quotations

The serpent, the king, the tiger, the stinging wasp, the small child, the dog owned by other people, and the fool: these seven ought not to be awakened from sleep.

There is poison in the fang of the serpent, in the mouth of the fly and in the sting of a scorpion; but the wicked man is saturated with it.

How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child!
William Shakespeare

An arrow may fly through the air and leave no trace; but an ill thought leaves a trail like a serpent.
Charles Mackay

Quetzalcoatl is a primal idea of the duality of human nature. The serpent is the embodiment of Heaven and Earth. It scares people in many ways.
Robert Graham
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Serpent Translations

serpent in Afrikaans is slang
serpent in Danish is slange
serpent in Dutch is slang
serpent in French is serpent
serpent in German is Schlange
serpent in Italian is serpente
serpent in Norwegian is orm
serpent in Portuguese is serpente
serpent in Spanish is serpiente
serpent in Swedish is orm
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