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Definition of Sentinel


  1. One who watches or guards; specifically (Mil.), a soldier set to guard an army, camp, or other place, from surprise, to observe the approach of danger, and give notice of it; a sentry.
  2. Watch; guard.
  3. A marine crab (Podophthalmus vigil) native of the Indian Ocean, remarkable for the great length of its eyestalks; -- called also sentinel crab.
  4. To watch over like a sentinel.
  5. To furnish with a sentinel; to place under the guard of a sentinel or sentinels.

Sentinel Quotations

Of the big horror movies of the '70s, you have 'The Omen,' 'The Sentinel,' 'Rosemary's Baby,' 'The Stepford Wives,' 'Burnt Offerings' - these are all romantic fatalist movies where there's a sort of glimmer of hope... but darkness wins.
Chuck Palahniuk

The eyes like sentinel occupy the highest place in the body.
Marcus Tullius Cicero

We have been taught to regard a representative of the people as a sentinel on the watch-tower of liberty.
Daniel Webster

Conscience is the sentinel of virtue.
Johann Kaspar Lavater
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Sentinel Translations

sentinel in German is Hinweiszeichen, Markierung, Wache
sentinel in Spanish is centinela
sentinel in Swedish is post (vakt-), vaktpost
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