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Definition of Self


  1. Having its own or a single nature or character, as in color, composition, etc., without addition or change; unmixed; as, a self bow, one made from a single piece of wood; self flower or plant, one which is wholly of one color; self-colored.
  2. Same; particular; very; identical.
  3. The individual as the object of his own reflective consciousness; the man viewed by his own cognition as the subject of all his mental phenomena, the agent in his own activities, the subject of his own feelings, and the possessor of capacities and character; a person as a distinct individual; a being regarded as having personality.
  4. Hence, personal interest, or love of private interest; selfishness; as, self is his whole aim.
  5. Personification; embodiment.
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Self Translations

self in Afrikaans is self
self in Dutch is vanzelf, zelf
self in Finnish is itse
self in German is selber, selbst, selbst
self in Latin is ego