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Definition of Seize


  1. To fall or rush upon suddenly and lay hold of; to gripe or grasp suddenly; to reach and grasp.
  2. To take possession of by force.
  3. To invade suddenly; to take sudden hold of; to come upon suddenly; as, a fever seizes a patient.
  4. To take possession of by virtue of a warrant or other legal authority; as, the sheriff seized the debtor's goods.
  5. To fasten; to fix.
  6. To grap with the mind; to comprehend fully and distinctly; as, to seize an idea.
  7. To bind or fasten together with a lashing of small stuff, as yarn or marline; as, to seize ropes.
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Seize Translations

seize in Afrikaans is gryp
seize in Danish is gribe
seize in Dutch is grijpen, bemachtigen, aangrijpen
seize in German is beschlagnahmen, packen, ergreifen
seize in Italian is confiscare, prendere, impaccare, acchiappare
seize in Latin is invado, intertio, occupo, comprehendo, carpo
seize in Portuguese is apreenda
seize in Spanish is empu ar, agarrar, agarrar