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Definition of Sea


  1. One of the larger bodies of salt water, less than an ocean, found on the earth's surface; a body of salt water of second rank, generally forming part of, or connecting with, an ocean or a larger sea; as, the Mediterranean Sea; the Sea of Marmora; the North Sea; the Carribean Sea.
  2. An inland body of water, esp. if large or if salt or brackish; as, the Caspian Sea; the Sea of Aral; sometimes, a small fresh-water lake; as, the Sea of Galilee.
  3. The ocean; the whole body of the salt water which covers a large part of the globe.
  4. The swell of the ocean or other body of water in a high wind; motion of the water's surface; also, a single wave; a billow; as, there was a high sea after the storm; the vessel shipped a sea.
  5. A great brazen laver in the temple at Jerusalem; -- so called from its size.
  6. Fig.: Anything resembling the sea in vastness; as, a sea of glory.
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Sea Translations

sea in Afrikaans is see
sea in Danish is hav
sea in Dutch is zee
sea in Finnish is meri
sea in French is mer, marin
sea in German is Meer, See
sea in Italian is navale, mare
sea in Latin is mare maris
sea in Norwegian is hav
sea in Portuguese is mar
sea in Spanish is mar