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Definition of Scrappy


  1. Consisting of scraps; fragmentary; lacking unity or consistency; as, a scrappy lecture.

Scrappy Quotations

I think that terriers are not really the prettiest dogs, but they're scrappy and they're loyal, and they get it done, you know what I mean?
Michael Raymond-James

I was a pretty scrappy, tough kid; I got in all sorts of fights at school. I defended myself - boys didn't mess with me. But as one of seven children, you have to fight for everything anyway.
Amy Adams

I don't look at life as a battle or as a fight. I don't think I'm scrappy. I'm accepting.
Michael J. Fox

You're going to be hearing a lot about one scrappy president.
Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

He was always sort of a scrappy little kid wasn't he? A bit of a fighter?
Katie Couric
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Scrappy Translations

scrappy in German is rauflustige

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