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Definition of Scrappy


  1. Consisting of scraps; fragmentary; lacking unity or consistency; as, a scrappy lecture.

Scrappy Quotations

You're going to be hearing a lot about one scrappy president.
Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

It seemed impossible that a scrappy book like 'Goon Squad' could win an award like that. It's such an iconic honor. I think what the Pulitzer means to me is that I'll need to work very, very hard to try to live up to it.
Jennifer Egan

Governor Scott Walker didn't know who he was messing with when he picked a fight with the hard-working union folks of Wisconsin. He must have forgotten that Wisconsin is the Badger State. And badgers are scrappy little creatures. We may look cute, warm and fuzzy, but we have a fighting spirit.
Gwen Moore

I think that terriers are not really the prettiest dogs, but they're scrappy and they're loyal, and they get it done, you know what I mean?
Michael Raymond-James

I don't look at life as a battle or as a fight. I don't think I'm scrappy. I'm accepting.
Michael J. Fox
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Scrappy Translations

scrappy in German is rauflustige
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