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Definition of Scoop


  1. A beat.
  2. To get a scoop, or a beat, on (a rival).
  3. A large ladle; a vessel with a long handle, used for dipping liquids; a utensil for bailing boats.
  4. A deep shovel, or any similar implement for digging out and dipping or shoveling up anything; as, a flour scoop; the scoop of a dredging machine.
  5. A spoon-shaped instrument, used in extracting certain substances or foreign bodies.
  6. A place hollowed out; a basinlike cavity; a hollow.
  7. A sweep; a stroke; a swoop.
  8. The act of scooping, or taking with a scoop or ladle; a motion with a scoop, as in dipping or shoveling.
  9. To take out or up with, a scoop; to lade out.
  10. To empty by lading; as, to scoop a well dry.
  11. To make hollow, as a scoop or dish; to excavate; to dig out; to form by digging or excavation.
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Scoop Translations

scoop in French is truelle