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Definition of Scalpel


  1. A small knife with a thin, keen blade, -- used by surgeons, and in dissecting.

Scalpel Quotations

At first I was queasy; I'll never forget the sound of the scalpel cutting a body open. But it was so cool trying to work out how these people died.
Jonathan Davis

The knife of corruption endangered the life of New York City. The scalpel of the law is making us well again.
Ed Koch

A writer uses a pen instead of a scalpel or blow torch.
Michael Ondaatje

I have always stood in awe of the camera. I recognize it for the instrument it is, part Stradivarius, part scalpel.
Irving Penn

The scalpel won't make you happy.
Demi Moore
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Scalpel Translations

scalpel in French is scalpel
scalpel in German is Seziermesser
scalpel in Hungarian is szike
scalpel in Spanish is escalpelo
scalpel in Swedish is skalpell
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