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Definition of Savvy


  1. Alt. of Savvey
  2. Alt. of Savvey

Savvy Quotations

I firmly believe that success lies in the combination of both talent and business savvy, and that the magic comes through partnership between both.
Delphine Arnault

Who can I trust? You have to invest in somebody and chances are you're probably going to invest in somebody who's going to deceive you. I've been conned a couple of times, but now I'm a little more savvy.
Maggie Gyllenhaal

A savvy entrepreneur will not always look for investment money, first.
Daymond John

Medical knowledge and technical savvy are biodegradable. The sort of medicine that was practiced in Boston or New York or Atlanta fifty years ago would be as strange to a medical student or intern today as the ceremonial dance of a !Kung San tribe would seem to a rock festival audience in Hackensack.
Lewis Thomas

Conventional show-biz savvy held that Americans hated to be the objects of satire.
Carroll O'Connor
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Savvy Translations

savvy in German is kapiert?
savvy in Swedish is vett
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