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Definition of Sainthood


  1. The state of being a saint; the condition of a saint.
  2. The order, or united body, of saints; saints, considered collectively.

Sainthood Quotations

Morality binds people into groups. It gives us tribalism, it gives us genocide, war, and politics. But it also gives us heroism, altruism, and sainthood.
Jonathan Haidt

Many people genuinely do not want to be saints, and it is probable that some who achieve or aspire to sainthood have never felt much temptation to be human beings.
George Orwell

I cannot imagine any other country in the world where the opposition would seek, and the chief executive would allow, the dissemination of his most private and personal conversations with his staff, which, to be honest, do not exactly confer sainthood on anyone concerned.
Gerald R. Ford

His head was boiled, impaled upon a pole and raised above London Bridge. So ended the life of Thomas More, one of the few Londoners upon whom sainthood has been conferred and the first English layman to be beatified as a martyr.
Peter Ackroyd

Sainthood is acceptable only in saints.
Pamela Hansford Johnson
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Sainthood Translations

sainthood in German is Heiligtum
sainthood in Italian is santuario
sainthood in Spanish is santidad
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