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Definition of Sack


  1. A name formerly given to various dry Spanish wines.
  2. A bag for holding and carrying goods of any kind; a receptacle made of some kind of pliable material, as cloth, leather, and the like; a large pouch.
  3. A measure of varying capacity, according to local usage and the substance. The American sack of salt is 215 pounds; the sack of wheat, two bushels.
  4. Originally, a loosely hanging garment for women, worn like a cloak about the shoulders, and serving as a decorative appendage to the gown; now, an outer garment with sleeves, worn by women; as, a dressing sack.
  5. A sack coat; a kind of coat worn by men, and extending from top to bottom without a cross seam.
  6. See 2d Sac, 2.
  7. Bed.
  8. To put in a sack; to bag; as, to sack corn.
  9. To bear or carry in a sack upon the back or the shoulders.
  10. The pillage or plunder, as of a town or city; the storm and plunder of a town; devastation; ravage.
  11. To plunder or pillage, as a town or city; to devastate; to ravage.

Sack Quotations

I have to say that Adam Levine is truly a daring young man to go on Twitter to bash Fox News. He's so rebellious, so subversive. I mean, for a musician, seriously, could you find a more predictable stance than that? He's as edgy as a hacky sack, which also describes his music.
Greg Gutfeld

I'm not a potato sack; I've never sat on my couch. If I'm home, I'm cleaning, feeding my dogs, doing stuff. Life is too precious to waste time.
Gisele Bundchen

A fact is like a sack - it won't stand up if it's empty. To make it stand up, first you have to put in it all the reasons and feelings that caused it in the first place.
Luigi Pirandello

I remember thinking that a girdle was barbaric, and that never in a million years would I treat myself like a sleeping bag being shoved into a stuff sack. Never! Instead, I would run marathons and work out and be in perfect shape and reject the tyranny of the girdle forever.
Susan Orlean

In high school I had sex with girls quite a few times. They were straight women who I convinced to jump in the sack with me.
Portia de Rossi
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Sack Translations

sack in Afrikaans is tas, ontslaan
sack in Danish is afskedige, taske
sack in Dutch is ontslaan, ontzetten, royeren
sack in Italian is licenziare, buttare fuori, sacco
sack in Norwegian is sekk, veske
sack in Spanish is bolso, despedir, saco
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