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Definition of Rumor


  1. A flying or popular report; the common talk; hence, public fame; notoriety.
  2. A current story passing from one person to another, without any known authority for its truth; -- in this sense often personified.
  3. A prolonged, indistinct noise.
  4. To report by rumor; to tell.

Rumor Quotations

A rumor that followed me forever was that my family was in the mafia. For years I had to live with it. They'd call me the mafia princess, so I rolled with it for the rest of high school. People even joke about it today.
Giuliana Rancic

A belief in hell and the knowledge that every ambition is doomed to frustration at the hands of a skeleton have never prevented the majority of human beings from behaving as though death were no more than an unfounded rumor.
Aldous Huxley

I started selling out comedy clubs before I got to town with no advertising. I was selling out theaters just on the rumor that I was going to be there.
Ron White

I just don't like when there's a rumor that says I'm dating someone who is below my standards. But when I got divorced, my ex-wife said I was spending all my time with Lindsay Lohan and Angelina Jolie. I was like, 'Thank you for the big ups!'
Marilyn Manson

I don't mind being criticized. I enjoy being criticized personally, not by rumor.
Gil Scott-Heron
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Rumor Translations

rumor in Danish is rygte
rumor in Dutch is gerucht, faam, befaamdheid, mare
rumor in Italian is vociferare
rumor in Latin is fama, ventus, opinio, rumor
rumor in Portuguese is boato
rumor in Spanish is hambre

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