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Definition of Rum


  1. A kind of intoxicating liquor distilled from cane juice, or from the scummings of the boiled juice, or from treacle or molasses, or from the lees of former distillations. Also, sometimes used colloquially as a generic or a collective name for intoxicating liquor.
  2. Old-fashioned; queer; odd; as, a rum idea; a rum fellow.
  3. A queer or odd person or thing; a country parson.

Rum Quotations

There's naught, no doubt, so much the spirit calms as rum and true religion.
Lord Byron

My indulgences are Skittles and rum raisin ice cream.
Sanya Richards-Ross

I'm the most unromantic lump of Northern suet. Yes, a woman did accost me once in South Shields, but she had a face like Red Rum.
Les Dawson

Rum, n. Generically, fiery liquors that produce madness in total abstainers.
Ambrose Bierce

I remain faithful to bourbon sour. It's absolutely delicious. You'd have to ask a bartender what's in it, but I think if you know you might never have a drink. I also love a little rum, 7 years aged, brown, when it is chilly, before dinner.
Christian Louboutin
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Rum Translations

rum in Dutch is rum
rum in Finnish is rommi
rum in French is rhum
rum in Hungarian is rum, szesz, szeszes ital, fura
rum in Spanish is ron
rum in Swedish is rom-sprit, underlig
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