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Definition of Rudder


  1. In an aircraft, a surface the function of which is to exert a turning moment about an axis of the craft.
  2. A riddle or sieve.
  3. The mechanical appliance by means of which a vessel is guided or steered when in motion. It is a broad and flat blade made of wood or iron, with a long shank, and is fastened in an upright position, usually by one edge, to the sternpost of the vessel in such a way that it can be turned from side to side in the water by means of a tiller, wheel, or other attachment.
  4. Fig.: That which resembles a rudder as a guide or governor; that which guides or governs the course.
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Rudder Translations

rudder in Danish is ror
rudder in Dutch is roer, stuur
rudder in French is rame
rudder in German is Ruder, Steuer [das]
rudder in Italian is remo, tassa
rudder in Norwegian is ratt
rudder in Portuguese is leme
rudder in Swedish is styre, roder