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Definition of Rover


  1. One who practices robbery on the seas; a pirate.
  2. One who wanders about by sea or land; a wanderer; a rambler.
  3. Hence, a fickle, inconstant person.
  4. A ball which has passed through all the hoops and would go out if it hit the stake but is continued in play; also, the player of such a ball.
  5. Casual marks at uncertain distances.
  6. A sort of arrow.

Rover Quotations

I've got a Range Rover and a little Mercedes. I normally drive my Range Rover because I feel like a monster in it. Nobody messes with me.
Emma Bunton

Curiosity - the rover and the concept - is what science is all about: the quest to reveal the unknown.
Ahmed Zewail

At home I drive an old Land Rover.
Richard Hammond

I hold the world speed record downhill, in a Rover. I think it was 17 kilometers per hour, downhill.
Eugene Cernan

Have you got a Beemer, an Audi, a Saab or a Volvo that replaced a Ford, Vauxhall, Rover or Nissan? Many Brits have. Your first Beemer. A particularly nice smell of leather. Something rather plain but satisfactory about the interior. And that lovely enamel wotsit in the middle of the steering wheel. A moment of quiet 'because I'm worth it' pride.
Peter York
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Rover Translations

rover in French is migrateurrice
rover in German is Wandernde
rover in Swedish is fribytare, vandrare
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