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Definition of Roar


  1. To cry with a full, loud, continued sound.
  2. To bellow, or utter a deep, loud cry, as a lion or other beast.
  3. To cry loudly, as in pain, distress, or anger.
  4. To make a loud, confused sound, as winds, waves, passing vehicles, a crowd of persons when shouting together, or the like.
  5. To be boisterous; to be disorderly.
  6. To laugh out loudly and continuously; as, the hearers roared at his jokes.
  7. To make a loud noise in breathing, as horses having a certain disease. See Roaring, 2.
  8. To cry aloud; to proclaim loudly.
  9. The sound of roaring.
  10. The deep, loud cry of a wild beast; as, the roar of a lion.
  11. The cry of one in pain, distress, anger, or the like.
  12. A loud, continuous, and confused sound; as, the roar of a cannon, of the wind, or the waves; the roar of ocean.
  13. A boisterous outcry or shouting, as in mirth.
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Roar Translations

roar in Dutch is bulderen, brullen, loeien, daveren
roar in Italian is ruggito, ruggire
roar in Latin is mugio, rudo, latro
roar in Portuguese is rugido
roar in Spanish is rugido, bramar