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Definition of Rivet


  1. A metallic pin with a head, used for uniting two plates or pieces of material together, by passing it through them and then beating or pressing down the point so that it shall spread out and form a second head; a pin or bolt headed or clinched at both ends.
  2. To fasten with a rivet, or with rivets; as, to rivet two pieces of iron.
  3. To spread out the end or point of, as of a metallic pin, rod, or bolt, by beating or pressing, so as to form a sort of head.
  4. Hence, to fasten firmly; to make firm, strong, or immovable; as, to rivet friendship or affection.

Rivet Translations

rivet in Dutch is klinken, vastklinken
rivet in French is rivet
rivet in German is heften, nieten
rivet in Hungarian is szegecs
rivet in Italian is biglietto non vincente
rivet in Portuguese is rebite
rivet in Spanish is roblon
rivet in Swedish is nit, nita