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Definition of Rising


  1. of Rise
  2. Attaining a higher place; taking, or moving in, an upward direction; appearing above the horizon; ascending; as, the rising moon.
  3. Increasing in wealth, power, or distinction; as, a rising state; a rising character.
  4. Growing; advancing to adult years and to the state of active life; as, the rising generation.
  5. More than; exceeding; upwards of; as, a horse rising six years of age.
  6. The act of one who, or that which, rises (in any sense).
  7. That which rises; a tumor; a boil.
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Rising Translations

rising in Dutch is opklimmend
rising in German is ansteigende, steigend, Erhebung, aufgehend
rising in Latin is oriens
rising in Portuguese is levantar-se
rising in Spanish is subida
rising in Swedish is stigande