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Definition of Ride


  1. To be carried on the back of an animal, as a horse.
  2. To be borne in a carriage; as, to ride in a coach, in a car, and the like. See Synonym, below.
  3. To be borne or in a fluid; to float; to lie.
  4. To be supported in motion; to rest.
  5. To manage a horse, as an equestrian.
  6. To support a rider, as a horse; to move under the saddle; as, a horse rides easy or hard, slow or fast.
  7. To sit on, so as to be carried; as, to ride a horse; to ride a bicycle.
  8. To manage insolently at will; to domineer over.
  9. To convey, as by riding; to make or do by riding.
  10. To overlap (each other); -- said of bones or fractured fragments.
  11. The act of riding; an excursion on horseback or in a vehicle.
  12. A saddle horse.
  13. A road or avenue cut in a wood, or through grounds, to be used as a place for riding; a riding.
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Ride Translations

ride in Afrikaans is ry
ride in Danish is fare, ride
ride in Dutch is rijden
ride in Finnish is ratsastaa, ajaa
ride in German is reiten, Ritt, Ritt, fahren
ride in Italian is giro, andare a corsa
ride in Latin is veho
ride in Portuguese is passeio
ride in Spanish is paseo