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Definition of Ridding


  1. of Rid

Ridding Quotations

If a situation requires sudden thought and action, the blood is promptly driven to the head. If a heavy meal is to be digested, the greater portion of the blood leaves the head, centering around the digestive organs. The Ego concentrates its efforts on ridding the body of the useless food. Therefore a man cannot think well after a heavy meal.
Max Heindel

In the end, for all of Obama's grand rhetoric on ridding the world of nuclear weapons, history has doomed him to preside over the emergence of two rogue nuclear regimes (North Korea and Iran).
Thomas P.M. Barnett

To the truly benevolent mind, indeed, nothing is more satisfactory than to hear of a miser denying himself the necessaries of life a little too far and ridding us of his presence altogether.
James Payn

The United Nations is committed to ridding the world of anti-personnel landmines.
Ban Ki-moon

I know the joy of skating on a clear cold day. I know the joy of getting off a perfect drive in golf. I know the delight of a fine meal after a long walk. These are real and wholesome, but all of them put together can not approach the thrill of ridding yourself of fear!
Vash Young
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Ridding Translations

ridding in German is loswerdend
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