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Definition of Ridding


  1. of Rid

Ridding Quotations

In the end, for all of Obama's grand rhetoric on ridding the world of nuclear weapons, history has doomed him to preside over the emergence of two rogue nuclear regimes (North Korea and Iran).
Thomas P.M. Barnett

To the truly benevolent mind, indeed, nothing is more satisfactory than to hear of a miser denying himself the necessaries of life a little too far and ridding us of his presence altogether.
James Payn

The United Nations is committed to ridding the world of anti-personnel landmines.
Ban Ki-moon

But when we place God on our side of things, that we are now ridding the world of evil - that's very dangerous, that one nation has this role to rid the world of evil. What about the evil we have committed, that we are complicit in?
Jim Wallis

On Medicare, I would suggest ridding the system of fraud and bulk purchasing of prescription drugs, to begin with.
Paul Tonko
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Ridding Translations

ridding in German is loswerdend
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