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Definition of Rhyming


  1. of Rhyme

Rhyming Quotations

Poetry consists in a rhyming dictionary and things seen.
Gertrude Stein

Jigging veins of rhyming mother wits.
Christopher Marlowe

When people in stadiums do the Wave, it's the group-mind collective organism spontaneously organizing itself to express an emotion, pass time, and reflect the joy of seeing the rhythms of many as one, a visual rhyming or music in which everyone senses where the motion is going.
Jerry Saltz

I think the first time I really heard poetry was in the schoolyard. Just the little limericks that kids say when they're jumping rope and playing games. I think that's the first time I heard rhyming words - I don't know if I'd call that the definitive poetry, but that's when I heard rhyming words said and not necessarily sung.
Jill Scott

I deliberate over the lyrics; I really do. I'll come up with one line in a day, and then it might be a couple of days before I come up with the rhyming line. It's never been easy for me.
Rod Stewart
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Rhyming Translations

rhyming in German is reimende, reimend, sich reimend

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