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Definition of Reward


  1. To give in return, whether good or evil; -- commonly in a good sense; to requite; to recompense; to repay; to compensate.
  2. Regard; respect; consideration.
  3. That which is given in return for good or evil done or received; esp., that which is offered or given in return for some service or attainment, as for excellence in studies, for the return of something lost, etc.; recompense; requital.
  4. Hence, the fruit of one's labor or works.
  5. Compensation or remuneration for services; a sum of money paid or taken for doing, or forbearing to do, some act.
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Reward Translations

reward in Afrikaans is vergelding, beloon
reward in Dutch is vergelden, lonen, terugdoen, belonen
reward in German is Belohnung
reward in Italian is gratificare, compenso
reward in Latin is praemium, remuneror, pretium, merces mercedis
reward in Portuguese is recompensa
reward in Spanish is recompensa, galardonar