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Definition of Revive


  1. To return to life; to recover life or strength; to live anew; to become reanimated or reinvigorated.
  2. Hence, to recover from a state of oblivion, obscurity, neglect, or depression; as, classical learning revived in the fifteenth century.
  3. To recover its natural or metallic state, as a metal.
  4. To restore, or bring again to life; to reanimate.
  5. To raise from coma, languor, depression, or discouragement; to bring into action after a suspension.
  6. Hence, to recover from a state of neglect or disuse; as, to revive letters or learning.
  7. To renew in the mind or memory; to bring to recollection; to recall attention to; to reawaken.
  8. To restore or reduce to its natural or metallic state; as, to revive a metal after calcination.
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Revive Translations

revive in French is ranimez, ranimons, ranimer, raniment
revive in German is auferstehen, wiederbeleben
revive in Latin is novo, recro
revive in Spanish is reavivar