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Definition of Revise


  1. To look at again for the detection of errors; to reexamine; to review; to look over with care for correction; as, to revise a writing; to revise a translation.
  2. To compare (a proof) with a previous proof of the same matter, and mark again such errors as have not been corrected in the type.
  3. To review, alter, and amend; as, to revise statutes; to revise an agreement; to revise a dictionary.
  4. A review; a revision.
  5. A second proof sheet; a proof sheet taken after the first or a subsequent correction.

Revise Quotations

We need to revise our economic thinking to give full value to our natural resources. This revised economics will stabilize both the theory and the practice of free-market capitalism. It will provide business and public policy with a powerful new tool for economic development, profitability, and the promotion of the public good.
Paul Hawken

I don't write a quick draft and then revise; instead, I work slowly page by page, revising and polishing.
Dean Koontz

It's never too late - in fiction or in life - to revise.
Nancy Thayer

I'd drown in a sea of tears if I lived my life ruminating on the past. I would undoubtedly revise memories to be more joyful that they were, or ever have been.
Maximillian Degenerez

There's no reason you shouldn't, as a writer, not be aware of the necessity to revise yourself constantly.
John Irving
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Revise Translations

revise in Afrikaans is nasien
revise in Danish is revidere
revise in Dutch is nakijken, herzien, inspecteren
revise in Swedish is omarbeta, revidera
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