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Definition of Reviled


  1. of Revile

Reviled Quotations

Nobody's told me anything to date that I've been completely reviled by.
Chuck Palahniuk

When who you are naturally is not only considered a sin, but you're reviled for being that human being and you don't have any control over it, there are lots of issues that come into play. And it takes a lot of presence, determination, courage and space to figure out how to land in that truth regardless of what anyone around you thinks about it.
Billy Porter

Hierarchy is is much reviled in the present day.
Mary Douglas

It's irrelevant to me what young Singaporeans think of me. I've lived long enough to know that you may be idealised in life and reviled after you're dead.
Lee Kuan Yew

Just as the England football manager starts with bells and flags and balloons and ends up reviled, so do prime ministers. Tony Blair - is there anyone more despised now? Gordon Brown - all right, nobody voted for him but, you know... just think of any of them. Margaret Thatcher. John Major. Steve McLaren. Fabio Capello.
Terry Wogan
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Reviled Translations

reviled in German is beschimpfte, verunglimpfte, verunglimpften
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