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Definition of Reversion


  1. The act of returning, or coming back; return.
  2. That which reverts or returns; residue.
  3. The returning of an esttate to the grantor or his heirs, by operation of law, after the grant has terminated; hence, the residue of an estate left in the proprietor or owner thereof, to take effect in possession, by operation of law, after the termination of a limited or less estate carved out of it and conveyed by him.
  4. Hence, a right to future possession or enjoiment; succession.
  5. A payment which is not to be received, or a benefit which does not begin, until the happening of some event, as the death of a living person.
  6. A return towards some ancestral type or character; atavism.

Reversion Translations

reversion in German is Umkehrung, Umpolung, Umkehrung