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Definition of Retardation


  1. The act of retarding; hindrance; the act of delaying; as, the retardation of the motion of a ship; -- opposed to acceleration.
  2. That which retards; an obstacle; an obstruction.
  3. The keeping back of an approaching consonant chord by prolonging one or more tones of a previous chord into the intermediate chord which follows; -- differing from suspension by resolving upwards instead of downwards.
  4. The extent to which anything is retarded; the amount of retarding or delay.

Retardation Translations

retardation in Afrikaans is vertraging
retardation in Dutch is vertraging
retardation in German is Abbremsung {f}
retardation in Norwegian is forsinkelse
retardation in Portuguese is atraso
retardation in Spanish is retraso