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Definition of Restrictive


  1. Serving or tending to restrict; limiting; as, a restrictive particle; restrictive laws of trade.
  2. Astringent or styptic in effect.

Restrictive Quotations

A covenant made with God should be regarded not as restrictive but as protective.
Russell M. Nelson

I'm the same kid who used to hop the trains with headphones and just go to downtown Manhattan, walk around and listen to music or walk through the city. The fame restricts that. It's a small complaint in comparison to the benefits I get from it, but the restrictive part is what I don't like - and the fact that it's not reversible.
J. Cole

I'm not a big believer in our copyright laws; I find them way too restrictive.
Michael Moore

I just find the evangelical church too, well, restrictive. But the School of Practical Philosophy is nonconfrontational. We believe there are many forms of Scripture. What is true is true and will never change, whether it's in the Bible or in Shakespeare. It's about oneness.
Hugh Jackman

According to the new ethics, virtue is not restrictive but expansive, a sentiment and even an intoxication.
Irving Babbitt
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Restrictive Translations

restrictive in Swedish is restriktiv
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