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Definition of Rescue


  1. To free or deliver from any confinement, violence, danger, or evil; to liberate from actual restraint; to remove or withdraw from a state of exposure to evil; as, to rescue a prisoner from the enemy; to rescue seamen from destruction.
  2. The act of rescuing; deliverance from restraint, violence, or danger; liberation.
  3. The forcible retaking, or taking away, against law, of things lawfully distrained.
  4. The forcible liberation of a person from an arrest or imprisonment.
  5. The retaking by a party captured of a prize made by the enemy.

Rescue Quotations

When I was nine, I had this girlfriend and we used to have running races in the park. I wanted to be like Superman and fly in and rescue her.
Orlando Bloom

There are terrible, terrible memories of September 11th, things that I saw, people that I lost, the devastation, the identification of bodies. I mean, all these memories come back to you at different times. And then the other side of it this tremendous response with the firefighters and the police officers saving people, the rescue workers.
Rudy Giuliani

I must stress, basically, the very fact that we do have orangutan rehabilitation means that we have failed to do what is really important, and that is rescue the wild orangutan in its habitat.
Willie Smits

I love pets and I love animals, and I just got a new puppy, a new rescue named Peanut. She's a tiny little Chihuahua mix.
Carrie Ann Inaba

The stuff I did in 'Rescue Me' was great. It gave me the opportunity to play comedy, and Denis Leary was the first one to take a chance with me. And from that experience, we had a comedy pilot that we did that I was going to play the lead in. And then 'Person of Interest' came along. They're all new experiences.
Kevin Chapman
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Rescue Translations

rescue in Danish is beholde, redde
rescue in Dutch is bergen, behouden, redden
rescue in Finnish is pelastaa
rescue in French is salut, sauver
rescue in German is Rettung, Rettung, Errettung, Bergung
rescue in Italian is salvataggio, salvare
rescue in Portuguese is poupar, salvamento
rescue in Spanish is salvacion, salvar
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