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Definition of Reputable


  1. Having, or worthy of, good repute; held in esteem; honorable; praiseworthy; as, a reputable man or character; reputable conduct.

Reputable Quotations

The North African mule talks always of his mother's brother, the horse, but never of his father, the donkey, in favor of others supposedly more reputable.
Clifford Geertz

My comments are reserved for reputable journalists.
Ward Churchill

There are thus great swathes of the past where understanding is more important and reputable than judgement, because the principal actors performed in line with the ideas and values of that time, not of ours.
Douglas Hurd

When I started my life as a baby lawyer, I was interviewing with all the best firms then at the time, and one of them was, you know, probably the most reputable in France, and told me, 'You can join us tomorrow and be an associate, be given great tasks and great files and great clients to work on, but don't ever expect to make partnership.'
Christine Lagarde

I do not think that there is a reputable scientist on this planet who would advocate using this technology to generate a human child as was just announced.
Robert Lanza
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Reputable Translations

reputable in German is ehrbar, achtbar
reputable in Swedish is aktad
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