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Definition of Reprisal


  1. The act of taking from an enemy by way of reteliation or indemnity.
  2. Anything taken from an enemy in retaliation.
  3. The act of retorting on an enemy by inflicting suffering or death on a prisoner taken from him, in retaliation for an act of inhumanity.
  4. Any act of retaliation.

Reprisal Quotations

I always assumed scientists were free to ask any question, pursue any line of inquiry without fear or reprisal.
Ben Stein

We are now in the 21st century: all books, including the Koran, should be fair game for flushing down the toilet without fear of violent reprisal.
Sam Harris

If there were Israeli attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities, it makes it certain there would be a reprisal attack against the United States at some point.
Salman Rushdie

Since philosophy now criticizes everything it comes across, a critique of philosophy would be nothing less than a just reprisal.
Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

A reprisal of this magnitude... has never been carried out before. I paced back and forth in my room perplexed and completely depressed, feeling helpless.
Moshe Sharett
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Reprisal Translations

reprisal in German is Repressalie, Vergeltunsmassnahme
reprisal in Spanish is represalia
reprisal in Swedish is repressalie
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