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Definition of Reprehensible


  1. Worthy of reprehension; culpable; censurable; blamable.

Reprehensible Quotations

For an author to write as he speaks is just as reprehensible as the opposite fault, to speak as he writes; for this gives a pedantic effect to what he says, and at the same time makes him hardly intelligible.
Arthur Schopenhauer

Some of my instincts are reprehensible.
William F. Buckley, Jr.

One of the greatest lessons of my own life was learning to turn the inner rampage of hatred and anger toward my own father for his reprehensible behavior and abandonment of his family into an inner reaction more closely aligned with God and God-realized love.
Wayne Dyer

I find revealing the secrets of magic quite reprehensible.
David Copperfield

The omission of good is no less reprehensible than the commission of evil.
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Reprehensible Translations

reprehensible in Dutch is laakbaar
reprehensible in German is tadelnswert, tadelnswerten
reprehensible in Spanish is reprensible
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